John Nollet was passionate about a career in hair styling and was addicted to fashion magazines. John Nollet is now known for his perfectionist spirit as well as his extraordinary talent for hairdressing.
After opening his Barber Shop salon in Montpellier at only 18, John Nollet was in search of new ideas to develop his growing business. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s legendary artwork, he began creating inspired new hairstyles with amazing volume and brushwork, never before seen in the hair styling field.

John Nollet began spreading his « watercolour for haïr » to the entire world. The cute bob sported by Audrey Tautou in Amelie and Marion Cotillard’s short ‘do in La vie en Rose are both owed to John Nollet’s wonderful talent.

As a 32nd birthday present, John Nollet gave himself a salon. His next challenge was to attract a wide Parisian clientele looking for a beauty haven.

In continuation of his revolutionary ideas, John Nollet introduced his « Hair Room Service » programme four years later. The programme allowed clients to simply phone the hairdresser, and John Nollet would appear at their doorstep to trim their cuts, spice up their highlights or fix a fringe gone wrong.